New Mobile OS?

Now that Android is not fully open source anymore, shouldnt we build a new open source mobile OS? :)

Google has decided to take out some essential applications like mail and keyboard from the open source version of android. I see this as an opening to start a new open source Mobil OS ! :-)

Everything from scratch!

I want to make it all from scratch! OS, compiler, webserver, search engine... I know this is a crazy idea but i want to get around it all to get mor knowledge and to learn more about the single components.

I have started out making a web-server here :
Its build with Gnu C and is open sources.

upside down

Your work life is probably about doing this right and efficient. The economic of today is mostly about how to do things more cheaply and efficiently. I just saw a video with Seth Godin who came with some good points about being your self. Turn things upside down and find out what is your strengths.

A little lesson in doing things in your own way is to learn the alpabeth from behind. Here it is :

z, y, x, w, v, u, t, s, r, q, p, o, n, m, l, k, j, i, h, g, f, e, d, c, b, a

Emacs for Drupal

Web development

is alway easyer when you have the right tools. Emacs is a free html editor and much much more than that. Emacs is developed through the last 30 years and have a very wide audience. It is mainly used in unix like environments like linux and *bsd's.

With a few addisions Emacs can be used as a full IDE for PHP and Drupal. In this part i will describe how you can navigate around through definitions in your Drupal project.

My emacs notes

This is my personal notes to remember cool shortcuts in emacs. There are tons of other tutorials online so this might repeat a lot of that.

'C-x r l' : List your bookmarks
'C-x r m' : Set a bookmark for the current location.

Watch more on bookmarks here :

If you use Emacs for php-editing you should install phpmode.el which is a bunch of lisp functions targeted towards php. This gives you for example theese shotcuts:

Cloning Debian in Virtual Box

This is a little helper to manage multiple machines in Virtual Box. I startet out be installing a debian in a new virtual machine. Using bridged networking it got a fine internet connection. Now make a clone of this and remember to reinititialize the MAC-addresses for all network interfaces. When you boot up the new clone you might just have your loopback interface and no ethX. What to do??? 

Windows XP and IE 7 - What the hell is that??

Let me start with the beginning! Microsoft had two parrallel operating systems in the 90's. One for the kids which the called win9x and one for the grownups whivh they called WinNT. WinNT was a quite reasonable system which were functional and offent stable. It had some good security defaults and it could be used to do some acctual work.

Microsoft had also heard about the internet in the 90's, so they should ofcourse make their own browser. They picked som free library with functionality to view webpages and put a blown ui on top of that! IE was born! :-)

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